Apr 15, 2013 release

Sweeney Williams - No More War (Vinyl)

Although Sweeney ‘”The Man X” Williams only released a few singles during the 70’s to 80’s as a solo artist and credited to a few classic roots reggae albums as guitarist, (more…)
September 19, 2012

Carl Meeks - Done Wid It (Vinyl)

The second collaboration release by Carl Meeks and Junior Wize Production…Carl asks about gun problems and cries for the youths. ”Nu Clear Dub’ is written and remixed by Symphonic Defoggers where he makes an objection on existence of nuclear power plants. (more…)
January 7, 2012

Soom T - We Want Out (Vinyl)

‘We Want Out’, the fourth single release of Junior Wize Production, is performed by Soom T, who is known for her works with Jahtari, Mungo’s Hi-Fi and her own Renegade Masters label. ‘Dr. Ganja’ riddim is another cover verion of the Studio One classic ‘Heavenless’ rhythm . (more…)