Digital EP  May 1, 2020 release

Levi Myaz - Love Is New

The second collaboration of Junior Wize Production and Levi Myaz. This title is reggae arranged cover song from “Love Is New”, written by legendary musician of Trinidad and Tobago, Nappy Mayers. And he is the father of Levi Myaz. He wrote the song in his band “Embryo” era. (more…)
Digital / Single  November 22, 2016

Ras Gizo - Rock With Me

Reggae singer based on Saint Lucia floating in the Caribbean Sea The latest work by Ras Gizo and Junior Wize Production “Rock With Me”. Ras Gizo’s wonderful vibes are clear and a song with a bright and open feeling. 22 November 2016, Released in download / streaming service worldwide. (more…)