Daisuke Sano

Music and spend unrelated childhood but spend a high-in-the-middle and brass band life interested from to join the club in the brass band at the time of junior high school.
First listen to jazz from around that time, the first time bought the CD is "Buddy Rich & Gene Krupa"! Completely knocked out to this.

Music activity started studying under Mr. George Otsuka learn the spirit of jazz. Currently, in addition to the activities as a jazz drummer individual, in working with such ONION RECORDS and JUNIOR WIZE PRODUCTION. During deployment spread the Jazz and ska and reggae, such as width in other genres.


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Daisuke Sano Official Website

Onion Records



Various Artists
Onion Records Vol.2
Onion Records (2008)

Gentle I
Ska La Human Gas
Onion Records (2008)

Various Artists
Onion Records
Onion Records (2007)

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