Soom T

Soom T is the Glaswegian cultster known for her eclectic vocal collaborations on over 50 record releases since 1999 with the likes of The Orb, T.Raumschmiere, King Creosote, Miss Kittin, The Bug, Mungos Hifi, Bus, Asian Dub Foundation and many other definitive artists. Having spent the last 10 years releasing and recording, Soom T’s character has become renowned within the industry as a comedic if somewhat eccentric one with exceptional virtuosic ability, inimitable, distinctive sound & strong politico-spiritual viewpoint permeating her powerful poetry, gradually gaining the Indian-Scot a burgeoning cult following with fans eager to commute from various countries to witness her rare public appearances.

On recording several tracks with Maffi in 2008 including 7” Flying High and 12” Dirty Money produced by Johan Daniellson and remixed by disrupt, Soom T discovered a production vibe undoubtedly suited to her progressive vocal output and did a few more releases within this genre before moving on. With a bundle of shows and several riotous crowd churning sets having left a firm imprint on European audiences, with more recent tours of Scandinavia, Japan, China, USA, Canada and Mexico in 2010 alone with tours in 2011 consisting of solo performances and shows with Mungos Hifi and various other artists in India, Brasil, Mexico, USA, Canada, Europe, Balkan countries and other international locations, the spread of the Soom T phenomenon shows no signs of letting up.

Her experience has culminated in her setting up the label Renegade Masters dedicated to seeking, nurturing and releasing artists internationally who create powerful positive music with a strong emotive response in listeners. Her solo live sets consists of laptop medleys, tracks from her vast catalog, fx gadgetry, dubplates and a microphone. In 2011 The much anticipated double vinyl 12” debut ‘Soom T and Disrupt’ album was released on Jahtari with half the album made up of orginal tracks and the other half remade from old reggae classics. Ode To A Carrot is an ode to all things funny, jolly, nice, relaxing and anything but serious. Keep your ears to the ground for the bass rumble that will shake you to the core.

Currently planning a complete activist hiphop album to be released on ‘Renegade Masters’ in 2012, the anticipated LP produced by Australian hiphop production wizard ‘Monkey Marc’ and forthcoming releases with Mungos Hifi and Reality Shock Records, the mission continues.


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Soom T
Free As A Bird
Wagram Music/Chapter Two (2015)

Mangos Hi Fi feat. Soom T
Bong Bong
Scotch Bonnet (2013)

Mangos Hi Fi feat. Soom T
Listening Bug
Scotch Bonnet (2013)

Soom T
Our World
Renegade Masters (2013)

The Source
What Have I Done
Renegade Masters Records (2011)

Soom T
Pull It Up
Livity Reggae (2011)

Soom T & Disrupt
Ode To A Carrot
Jahtari (2011)

Soom T
Flying High
Maffi (2009)

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