Akinsanya - Dub Trafficka (Jamaica Edition)

Akinsanya, a Jamaican dub poet and a keyboardist of The Uprising Roots Band, spiritually presents [Dub Trafficka EP] on Junior Wize Production / Tru Music imprint. Consisting of wordwise dub poetry songs and noble melodica instrumentals. The EP also includes an unreleased melodica inst. "Eye Rise" produced by The Uprising Roots Band.

1. West Side Herb Story
2. Egyptian Serenade
3. Uprising Roots Band - Eye Rise
4. Defender Of The Faith
5. Babylon Wah Gang Jah

Catalog number: JWP009
released March 21, 2016

Elected in BEST OF 2016 (Reggae Revival) on Reggae Record Downloads

Available at:

Junior Wize Music Store (Bandcamp)

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