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Akinsanya - Talawah Jamaica

It's Jamaica's 60th so I decided to enter a song in the National song competition, paying homage to this “Talawah” nation, however it wasn’t selected.

From conception I knew this song would be a good song to independently release for the Jamaican people at home and abroad.
The land of Jamaica with her flora and fauna, the warm hearted people, her cultural traditions, her aspirations and accomplishments is worthy of acknowledgement with this songs of praise.
Talawah- meaning strong, courageous and tenacious in comparison to one's size. (Akinsanya)


Lead vocal/harmony: Akinsanya
Piano: L. Palmer
Guitars: Kenroy “short boss” Mullings
Trumpet/Valve trombone: Micah Shalom
Bass: Lloyd Palmer
Bass overdub: K Henry aka Bassgyol
Recorded at Sound Balm Yard Studios
Mixing Engineer: @rkMan_cl
Produced by Junior Wize, Akinsanya
Arranger: L. Palmer

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