Digital EP

Oku Onuora - Apps (Running In The Background)

The first collaboration track with dub poetry pioneer Oku Onuora. "Apps (Running In The Background)" is a song with a unique atmosphere, with the Oku Onuora's deep poetry and unconventional performance on the addictive riddim. Includes "Shapeshifter Dub" by Junior Wize, inspired by the story of this poem.


Apps (Running In The Background)

I need not eyes
to see them
I sense
them from a distance

beyond earshot
I hear
them loud
and clear

I see them
for what they are
forked tongues - apps running
in the background

(back back
back weh


Vocal: Oku Onuora
Guitars: 筒美旗史 (Hatashi Tsutsumi)
Bass, Synthesizers, Percussions, Piano: Junior Wize

Vocal Recording: Small World Studio (Voicing); Engineer Perry Hendricks
Riddim Recording: M Studio Nagayama (Riddim)
Engineered by Junior Wize
Produced by Junior Wize, Oku Onuora

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