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Soom T - We Want Out

'We Want Out', the fourth single release of Junior Wize Production, is performed by Soom T, who is known for her works with Jahtari, Mungo's Hi-Fi and her own Renegade Masters label. 'Dr. Ganja' riddim is another cover verion of the Studio One classic 'Heavenless' rhythm .

* The third Bonus track "Dr.Ganja Riddim" is only for digital release.

1. Soom T - We Want Out
2. Soom T - We Want Out Pt.2
3. The Paradox Musicians - Dr.Ganja Riddim

Catalog number: JWP003
released January 7, 2012

Available at:

iTunes / Amazon / ReggaeRecord / CD Baby / Junior Wize Music Store (Bandcamp)


"WE WANT OUT" written by Soom T

As I climbed...
I said hey jack get out your box come and help me get sought
As I climbed that mountain, that big and jagged mountain
I didnt chopper my way up so I would know, how to get back down
Without slipping and falling after losing my grip before loudly shouting
Im faling to chasm below, wont you help me up.

For we want out of – out of it - ev-ery bit out of it
Taking orders, following words – to make us wanna take a hit
I’ve had enough of your shit – thank you very much
Won’t you take a toke of this spliff – Its a little gift left behind

Said hey jack get out box, come and help me get sought
For the dark in the dark bliss, sky in the park of linear thought
Which will send me like a comet into the abyss
Weary eyes shadowed life until I found a way to fly
all the way back up with no easy way to recline.


The thorns cut deep as i ventured so – into the thicket of the unknown
My nerves were shot and my mind was gone – so i kept goin on and on
Until an opening to a secret village – lost in the jungle in the valley of the druids
Who said while all else would be becoming ruins – we'd be okay


who could travel by night to impart what had transpired –
kingdoms had been lost or set alight – lit the sky like -
fireflies painting the night sky with a tail of fire flying by
like an exploded jet with engines shot and set alight which is why

*Chorus to end


Soom T for Renegade Masters - Lead Vocals
Daisuke Sano - Drums
Jyun Katoh - Bass, Percussion
Amlak Three - Percussions
Junior Wize - Guitar, Synthesizer & Percussions

Artwork: Yoshimi Emoto, Junior Wize

Engineered by Soom T, Junior Wize
Recorded at Soom T World Domination Centre & Studio Penta
Produced by Naoyuki Hashimoto a.k.a. Junior Wize

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