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Sweeney Williams - Peace

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An "Ultimate" release from Junior Wize and Sweeney Willams on their newly launched label "Ultimate". Sweeney Willams aka The Man X is about to release his first solo album.

The artist started his career as a guitarist at Studio One and since then he has worked with many reggae legends such as The Wailers, Lights of Saba and many more. The albums consists of songs which were written during his career since 1980s up to now. It also features many legendary musicians like Saxophone player Glen DaCosta and many others.

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Lead Vocals, Guitar and Percussions: Sweeney Williams aka The Man X
Horns: Glen DaCosta
Bass: Trevor McKenzie, Stephen Depass
Drums: Mchael Rodgers
Keyboards: Fitzroy Jarrett
Back Vocals: Alexandra Williams

Engineered by Junior Wize, Gregory Whitehead
Produced by Sweeney Williams, Junior Wize
All tracks written by Sweeney Williams

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