Digital / EP  March 21, 2016

Akinsanya - Dub Trafficka

Akinsanya, a Jamaican dub poet and a keyboardist of The Uprising Roots Band, spiritually presents [Dub Trafficka EP] on Junior Wize Production / Tru Music imprint. Consisting of wordwise dub poetry songs and noble melodica instrumentals. The EP also includes an unreleased melodica inst. “Eye Rise” produced by The Uprising Roots Band. (more…)
December 15, 2015

Next release

Now introducing next release with Akinsanya “Egyptian Serenade”. Pre-release single from EP “Dub Trafficka” (Jan. 2016). Mystic melodica instrumental track! Release date plan is December 21, 2015.
Digital / Single  December 12, 2015

Akinsanya - Egyptian Serenade

A second pre-release single from Akinsanya’s upcoming solo album “Dub Trafficka (2016 JAN)”. This Roots Reggae instrumental track features Akinsanya on melodica. Junior Wize’s Bull Ghost Riddim surround serenade with its mystic atmosphere. (more…)
August 18, 2015


Lloyd Palmer hails from the garden parish of St. Ann, Jamaica and was born into a hard working rural family. A mom who is a social worker and a dad who tills the soil. Palmer views poetry as a holistic therapy which can spiritually uplift humanity. Akinsanya is the name the ancestors bestowed on him as an African should not have a Chinese of Caucasian name. He grew up in Trelawny and attended Albert Town Primary, William Knibb Memorial High. Exed and Edna Manley College are some of the institutions that have indoctrinated and influence the mind of Akinsanya. In 2014 Akinsanya was Installed by Suriname Okanisi Maroons as the Gaamang Spouse of Jamaica’s 1st Gaamang Gloria Simms. In 2005 he was second runner Up in the 7th Annual Writers’ Award and in 2007 he was first Runner Up in the 9th Annual Writers’ Award. Palmer has released his debut poetry album “Urban Journey” as a member of the poetic ensemble. TUFF TUFF TRANGLE in 2005. He has contributed to “A LIME JEWEL” an Anthology of poems and short stories in aid of Haiti’s recovery after the ’10 earthquake published by Blacklondoner appeal. Akin has released the album “Skyfiya” with his band “The Uprising Roots” in which he plays Keyboards and chants poetry. Akin is currently on a 3years sabbatical from the band. Akinsanya has released a five track EP DUB TRAFICKKA in spring ’16 on the Junior Wize Production label out of Japan. Featuring Dub instrumentals with his Melodica and reggae poetry called Dub-Poetry. Avenging spirits of the ancestors, AKINSANYA (Yoruba) About release information of latest single “Fancy Girl” is here
Digital Single  Aug 1, 2014 release

Akinsanya - Babylon Wah Gang Jah

Akinsanya, a Jamaican Dub Poet, again teams up with Junior Wize following to their previous single “Defender of Faith (2013)”. This time, he shares his social commentary on Jamaica’s up-to-date topic, Ganja legalization. A pre-release single from his upcoming album. (more…)
7" vinyl / Single  Oct 21, 2013 release

Akinsanya - Defender Of The Faith

After released album “SKYFIYA”, Jamaican roots band “UPRISING ROOTS BAND” has attracted worldwide attention. “AKINSANYA” is Keyboard/Dub Poet in this band. (more…)