Digital EP

Bull Ghost Riddim EP

One-way Riddim EP features Raggabund, Akinsanya, Jahmelik and Smiley Song. Digital release edition artwork.

Track 1. Raggabund - Lloro Cancion

Raggabund is known for their works with manyy German and European Latin & Reggae labels including a noble Reggae label like Silly Walks. Their originality certainly comes from by fusing Reggae into their Latin & Cumbia music background. Junior Wize proudly present the first collaboration "Lloro Cancion", the song proves Raggabund's musical versatility. For add ional info, horn section recorded for the tunes was arranged by Paco Mendoza.

Track 2. Smiley Song - Bull's Pipe

Another elevated collaboration by Smiley Song and Junior Wize. A sequel to previously released melodica instrumental "Lion’s Pipe" on Lion's Den Riddim.

Track 3. Jahmelik - Happiness

Jahmelik again teams up with Junior Wize following to their previously released single "Heart And Soul (2012)". Japanese Bobo Ashanty singjay has been active in the scene for the last a few years and his firing lyrics has attracted listeners home and aboard.
This time, Junior Wize seeks and reveals potential for Japanese Roots Reggae with Jahmelik's new song "Happiness".

Track 4. Akinsanya - Egyptian Serenade

This Roots Reggae instrumental track features Akinsanya on melodica. Junior Wize's Bull Ghost Riddim surround serenade with its mystic atmosphere.

Track 5. The Paradox Musicians - Bull Ghost Riddim

The original Bull Ghost riddim is performed by Junir Wize's house band The Paradox musicians and produced on a conceptual story; by summoning a Bull Ghost by Nyahbinghi to beat down Evil. This 70's style roots riddim was originally made for a project with Raggabund (aka Caramelo Criminal).

Review from
Dopo il singolo coi tedeschi Raggabund è giunto il momento per la Junior Wize Production di raccogliere alcuni dei suoi migliori pezzi in un unico riddim. Esce quindi Bull Ghost Riddim, che si compone di 5 brani tra cui proprio Lloro Cancion ma anche Happiness di Jahmelik, Egyptyian Serenade di Akinsanya e la versione strumentale dei Paradox Musicians.

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"Raggabund - Lloro Cancion"
Paco Mendoza - Vocals
Don Caramelo - Vocals
Inatti - Tenor Saxphone
Hat Beard - Trombone
Engineered by: Paco Mendoza, Junior Wize

"Smiley Song - Bull's Pipe"
Smiley Song - Melodica

"Jahmelik - Happiness"
Jahmelik - Vocals

"Akinsanya - Egyptian Serenade"
Akinsanya - Melodica
Junior Wize - Percussions

Daisuke Sano - Drums
Jyun Katoh - Bass
Amlak 2 - Nyahbinghi Repeater
Junior Wize - Guitar, Synthesizer
Artwork/Engineer/Produce: Junior Wize

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