Digital Album / CD  May 7, 2018 release

Sweeney Williams - Peace

An “Ultimate” release from Junior Wize and Sweeney Willams on their newly launched label “Ultimate”. Sweeney Willams aka The Man X is about to release his first solo album. (more…)
Digital Single  Sep 1, 2017 release

Sweeney Williams - People Of The World

Pre-release single from Sweeney Williams’ upcoming album. Sweeney Williams aka The Man x did his first recording as a guitarist at Studio One. Since then, he has been contributing to the Jamaican music scene. (more…)
Digital Single  May 13, 2013 release

Sweeney Williams - No More War

Although Sweeney ‘”The Man X” Williams only released a few singles during the 70’s to 80’s as a solo artist and credited to a few classic roots reggae albums as guitarist, (more…)