Digital Single  Mar 12, 2023 release

Akinsanya feat. Junior Wize - Let's Dub

Let’s dub is the version to Sound Balm Yard’s ‘let’s rally’ 2022 release, a soul filled chant of praises and jubilation, commemorating the 192th coronation anniversary of Emperor Haile Selassie I and Empress Wazero Menen Asfaw in 1932 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. (more…)
Digital Single  Nov 15, 2022 release

Akinsanya - Let's Rally

“Let’s Rally” is a composition giving thanks, praises and paying reverence to the grand coronation of the Ethiopian monarchy of Emperor Qedamawi Haile Selassie I and Empress Wazero Empress Menen Asfaw on November 2nd, 1930 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. (more…)
Digital Single  Oct 5, 2022 release

Adelaja - Legendary

I(Adelaja) and Tarrus Riley were on a musical endeavor when he got booked for a Peter Tosh tribute celebration and he said that I should write a poem about Tosh. (more…)
Digital Single  Jul 19, 2022 release

Akinsanya - Talawah Jamaica

It’s Jamaica’s 60th so I decided to enter a song in the National song competition, paying homage to this “Talawah” nation, however it wasn’t selected. (more…)
Digital EP  May 5, 2022 release

Black Skin The Prophet - Every Man Have His Tomorrow, Every Man Have His Sorrow

A new song “Every Man Have His Tomorrow, Every Man Have His Sorrow” by Black Skin The Prophet aka Sonny Washington, he is the one of the reggae legends from the 1970s. And version “Every Mickle Mek A Muckle” reminiscent of the deejay version by Akinsanya. Riddim by top Jamaican musicians, and Black Skin The Prophet songs and lyric is give us the positive vibration.
Digital EP  Apr 29, 2022 release

Oku Onuora - Apps (Running In The Background)

The first collaboration track with dub poetry pioneer Oku Onuora. “Apps (Running In The Background)” is a song with a unique atmosphere, with the Oku Onuora’s deep poetry and unconventional performance on the addictive riddim. Includes “Shapeshifter Dub” by Junior Wize, inspired by the story of this poem.
Digital EP  May 1, 2020 release

Levi Myaz - Love Is New

The second collaboration of Junior Wize Production and Levi Myaz. This title is reggae arranged cover song from “Love Is New”, written by legendary musician of Trinidad and Tobago, Nappy Mayers. And he is the father of Levi Myaz. He wrote the song in his band “Embryo” era. (more…)
Digital Single  Jan 21, 2020 release

Akinsanya - Live In Love (Single Version)

A groovy Ska track release from the upcoming EP “SKATTERED LIGHT”,. This new song features a mixed band of Jamaican and Japanese wonderful musicians, including Earl ‘China’ Smith and a chant ‘Live in Love’ by the mellifluous Akinsanya. Live in love is an open call to be ‘LOVE’ unconditionally and shun hatred, envy, bitterness and revenge. May we answer the call and walk tall in LOVE. (more…)