Smiley Song

Smiley Song is a prominent figure in the Korean reggae scene, doing duty as a melodica player, percussionist, vocal, producer, and selector (DJ). A session musician in many bands including Windy City, Smiley Song was also a founding member of the legendary Korean dub group I&I Djangdan. He’s worked with Alpha Steppa and legendary Alpha & Omega, and has been collaborating and making dubplates with many artists from Europe and Japan. He has been regular tours for over 7 cities through over 10 of local Sound Systems in Japan from 2014, and also as a guest selector for mighty Jah Shaka’s Japan tour (at Nagoya & Tokyo session) 2014 and 2015. Smiley Song is founding member of Eastern Standard Sounds as a selector, producer and organizer and now he making dubplates steadily and new tunes for his own singles and albums. Also he is a member of NST & The Soul Sauce a band who participated in Fuji Rock Festival Japan 2016 as a vocal, percussionist and melodica player.





Various Artists
Music, Unity & Respect
Strictly Dub Records (2012)

Selected Wack Works vol.1
Young,Gifted&Wack Records (2012)

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