Trial Production

Trial Production released their albums 'Red Rock', 'Sabaku' in 2002. They not only gained massive followings in Japanese Dub music scene but also from fans, musicians and selectors from various musical genres.

The following year, the group became a band consisting of 10 people and most of their live performances and recordings were supervised and mixed by Mighty Massa who is previously known as the keyboard player of Ska Flames and now the founder of Japanese New Roots scene.

In 2004, album 'EXOTICA' was released and featured notable remixers KINKA, GOMA, SHIRO THE GOODMAN and SANDNORM. This release attracted a great deal of public attention.

After 4 years of active performances and recordings, a long awaited album 'Promised Land' was released only on 12" vinyl.

Recent years, they shared stages with Michael Rose, Dennis Bovell and many artists. Also, their recordings can be found on compilation albums released by UK New Roots label DUB HEAD.

photo by nutskey


Trial Production



Trial Production
Promised Land EP
Face The Music (2008)

Trial Production
Vinylsoyuz (2004)

Trial Production
Roots Exotica
Vinilsoyuz (2004)

Trial Production
PSC (2001)

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