Digital Single  Mar 1, 2014 release

Tanwetamani - Birds In The Tree Top

A traditional Rasta Nyahbinghi hymn performed and sung by Tanwetamani a.k.a King Imani and his Bobo Ashanti brethren. [Birds in the tree top] is the second collaboration of Junior Wize and Tanwetamani since their first release ‘Life Is Perfect’ in 2010. (more…)
7" vinyl / Single  Oct 21, 2013 release

Akinsanya - Defender Of The Faith

After released album “SKYFIYA”, Jamaican roots band “UPRISING ROOTS BAND” has attracted worldwide attention. “AKINSANYA” is Keyboard/Dub Poet in this band. (more…)
7" vinyl / Single  December 29, 2010

Carl Meeks - Lion's Den

The second single released by Junior Wize Production. This Afrobeat infulenced Nyahbingh track features cultural singer, Carl Meeks. Recorded in Tokyo, Japan by Paradox Musicians and Amlak Three for Nyahbinghi. Track 2 instrumental version features mighty horn section of Trial Production. (more…)