Ras Gizo

Ras Gizo is one of the world's finest young artistes, having achieved much success through his music. By this, we are referring to the positive impact which he has managed to create upon the minds and in the hearts of his fans and also the dynamic legacy he has achieved globally, across the board, overriding every cultural, religious and geographical border.

Delivering the 'positive' message to the nations, using an intriguing mix of old school and contemporary Reggae music as his medium, his compilations are never less than conscious and uplifting. His style is unique. His versatility and undeniably unmatched energetic and captivating stage presentation, are some of the few marks of his uniqueness as an artiste. Having produced in the past and continuing in his very own evolution to compile work that people of every genre of life can relate to...this positive artist continues to impact many as his messages through song never fail to accomplish their mission. Ras Gizo has personally handwritten every single track of important factor which reveals his source of inspiration.

Always the entertainer...yet striking a careful balance...sure to give his fans a real feel good time...and unquestionably keep them yearning for more of the music!!!


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